Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cardinal Fans....

Yes this will be late coming, but it does not change the point. Like anyone will read this anyway..

A few months ago my parents were passing through town on their way to visit my sister in NYC. My dad had not been feeling well, but we did decided to go to the KC Royals V STL Cardinals game the night before they flew out.

Surprise to everyone (an just forget the lame jokes, I've heard them, this is the team I like, get your own blog) I am not a Cardinals fan. We wore our Royals attire (figuring the Royals aren't a threat, but why not support your team right?) and it was horrible. My poor parents had to sit through a lot of crap. It ranked up there on one of the all time worst events. This is baseball heaven? ha.. What a load.. It wasn't just one fan, it was approximately 10.

We did everything in our power to keep our mouths shut and enjoy the game. Then they had the nerve to start "talking to us" and saying rude things, never mind the fact they were all drunk. It was bad. I will spare all the details, but my point is.. Be a fan, be a human, be a decent person. Yes, I realize we had on the opposing teams shirts, but GIVE ME A BREAK! Are you that insecure? I could go on and on with this one. I would have loved my money back, and honestly should have pushed it. But it was so upsetting I didn't want to deal with it.

After the fact, my father was put in a hospital for a month in NYC. Luckily now he is doing really good. But what could have been a fun time turned into just utter and complete crap.

Thanks St Louis for showing us "Baseball Heaven!" I will go back to Baseball hell now, and enjoy every minute of it!